Building Work in Arundel | Maximising and Improving Property Space

When homeowners use us for property extensions, it is usually to increase living space. As such, it is important to ensure building work fully utilises available space. As experienced builders, we find ideal solutions for all requirements, ensuring customers in Arundel get the most from their investments. We regularly build extensions as part of larger property refurbishments or listed building renovations, as well as on standalone projects.


Adept at all types of extensions, we find the best option for every customer, carrying out careful consultations and property assessments to provide the most appropriate solutions. Because all projects and properties are different, building work can vary greatly. We offer tailored services to all customers in Arundel, ensuring they receive the best possible results.

Some of the most common ways we maximise space with property extensions are:

Side-Return Extensions – Side-return spaces are often quite narrow, resulting in what is effectively dead space. This is a common feature of Victorian terraces. Incorporating it into the home is a more effective use of the space. By combining a side-return extension with further building work, such as removing partition walls, builders maximise internal areas.

These property extensions are especially useful for expanding kitchens and dining rooms.


Rear Kitchen Extensions – A popular option for growing families in the Arundel area, a rear extension creates an effective transition between the kitchen and the garden. As well as improving internal space, this also makes the garden more accessible and infinitely more welcoming. Bi-fold doors and patio doors are great additions to this extension style.

Rear extensions are the most suitable option for listed building renovations.


Wraparound Extensions – When planning building work for a side or rear extension, it is worth considering the benefits of a wraparound extension too. This combines the two styles, maximising space by expanding in two directions. This is an effective option for property refurbishments which include alterations to the existing layout of the ground floor.

This is an excellent design for opening up kitchen areas, or for connecting internal space to a garden.


Multi-Storey Extensions – Providing a significant amount of space, multi-storey extensions are great way to create more than one extra room. By extending upwards, our builders utilise the empty space around properties in Arundel and the surrounding areas. Multi-storey extensions can even combine with loft conversions and property refurbishments to really make the most of underused space in and around your home.

As a specialist company, we build property extensions for all kinds of needs. We undertake the building work, and we use trusted contactors to deal with the electrics and plumbing.


This includes work on historical houses as well as those in conservation areas. If undergoing listed building renovations, we can provide sympathetic extensions which comply with regulatory requirements. Dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction, our builders make sure every project in Arundel makes the best possible use of space while meeting the needs of those in the household.


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