Property Refurbishments in Chichester | Key Customer Benefits

Property refurbishments offer our customers a wide range of benefits. Whether you have a whole building in need of refurbishment, or just one room, we deliver expert solutions which help you to get the most from your home. As established builders, we can undertake listed building renovations too, making sure heritage properties receive the care and attention they deserve.


We cover all aspects of building work in Chichester, and in the surrounding areas, including property extensions. Our experienced builders ensure refurbishments and renovations meet the project specification and, of course, the customer’s requirements.


When a home doesn’t meet your needs, it often seems as if the only option is to move. Property refurbishments are an effective way of updating a home. They fulfil any extra requirements that may have arisen as your personal needs change, or your family grows. Even making a few improvements can offer a number of benefits.


The main benefits of property refurbishments in Chichester include:

Fewer Limitations


A considerable benefit of refurbishments is that often, they do not need planning permission. We can even perform a number of listed building renovations without consent. It is always important to check with the local authority for Chichester to see if you need approval for building work. With approval in place, our builders make that their work then complies with current Building Regulations.


When it comes to the inside of your property, there are an endless number of possibilities. Structural building work, and removing partition walls, enable us to alter the layout of a home. Also, our builders can replace kitchens and bathrooms to provide more functionality, and to better utilise space.


we meet all tastes, from traditional to contemporary. With the addition of property extensions and the building of loft or garage conversions, property refurbishments also offer the obvious opportunity to increase living space.


Improved Efficiency


Property refurbishments can include scheduled building work into a project quotation that improves the energy efficiency of homes in the Chichester area. Replacing old windows with newer models that have double or triple glazing, installing better insulation, and updating the heating system, are all effective ways in which our builders and tradesmen can improve your home’s energy efficiency.


As well as making homes more comfortable, this type of building work reduces household bills to save our customers a considerable amount of money over the longer term. Energy efficiency is a key consideration for work on older properties too, including listed building renovations.


Adding Value


Property refurbishments are a great way to add value to your home. Even simple renovation and retrofitting work, such as installing new lighting, constructing a driveway or replacing old timber doors with something made from uPVC or a composite, can make homes in Chichester more attractive to potential buyers.


Bigger projects, such as property extensions, add even more to the future resale value. Even if you are not planning on selling your home in the near future, property refurbishments are an excellent investment which customers can also enjoy for themselves.


Fast Improvements


If you are looking to improve a home quickly, maybe if you are a developer who flips, then property refurbishments are always a great option. Depending on the type of building work you require, refurbishments and renovations can move quickly and with minimal disruption. This allows property developers in Chichester to get a return from using our builders much sooner.


If you aren’t in a rush to make a sale, but if property extensions seem a little excessive, we can also construct conservatories and orangeries to make a home more appealing to a buyer.


With listed building renovations, we tend to take more time over our building work. These projects, understandably, need a little more care and consideration. By being meticulous in their approach, our builders can meet the demanding standards expected by customers in the Chichester area, and help to preserve the heritage values of listed properties.


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