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When considering all types of building work, from the construction of a new build, to minor property refurbishments or major property extensions, it is important to have the necessary permissions. Having worked as builders over many years, we have extensive knowledge in all aspects of construction. We offer expert advice to ensure all work in the Pulborough area complies with building control regulations.


We are genuine trade and industry specialists, and we perform listed building renovations to regulatory standards too.


Planning permission is a measure used to deter inappropriate or illegal development. This means that new builds, or any significant alterations to existing homes, such as property extensions or major renovations, usually require approval. Smaller works and minor property refurbishments fall under permitted development, but it is always important to check.

When do I need planning permission?


If building work involves the construction of a home, it will require planning permission. This includes work on new builds as well as subdividing existing homes. Projects in conservation areas or work on protected properties (such as listed building renovations) are also certain to need approval. Some property extensions will need permission, but this very much depends on the style and size of the build.


Smaller alterations and improvements, including property refurbishments and some extensions, fall under permitted development. This allows homeowners in Pulborough, and those in the surrounding areas, to carry out minor work without any prior permission from their building control department.


For professional advice or a prompt quotation, tailored to your project specification, please contact us. Our builders will be more than happy to offer you further information.


How long does it take to gain approval?


The local authority for Pulborough should assess planning applications within 10 to 12 weeks. They will deal with most straightforward domestic applications inside this timeframe. The process includes a public consultation period which takes 3 to 8 weeks to process. While this often applies more to the use of public land, it can sometimes affect builders working on listed building renovations too.

We can help you liaise with the local authority and, because we deal with building control departments so often, we can help to make the process as streamlined as possible.


Which factors will a building control department consider?


Local authorities take a number of factors into consideration when deciding whether or not to grant planning permission for property extensions, property refurbishments or any other type of building work

These factors include:


• Overshadowing, Traffic and Noise

• Design, Appearance and Materials

• Parking Issues

• Disabled Access

• Nature Conservation

• Impact on Listed Buildings

• Previous Planning Decisions


Because some building work can impact surrounding properties, you may need to consult with neighbours, invite them to comment and have them sign a Party Wall Agreement.


Around 75% of planning applications in England get immediate acceptance. If rejected, customers in Pulborough can either amend the application, addressing the reasons for refusal, or appeal the decision.


Can I continue without permission?


Our builders commit to providing you with high standards of service and workmanship. We never carry out building work without the relevant planning permission. While not illegal, without consent, the local planning authority can take action to have work altered or demolished. This can result in considerable monetary loss as well as major disruption to our customers; something that simply isn’t worthwhile.

We much prefer to help our customers in Pulborough by finding out if small builds, property extensions or property refurbishments need approval from the outset.


It is important to note that listed building renovations, and building work on other protected properties, must have the necessary permissions in place. Unauthorised work to a listed building is a criminal offence.


For property extensions and listed building renovations in Pulborough, call our office on 01903 882904, Andy on 07881 807485, or Keith on 07533 277161.

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