Builders in Wittering | What to Consider When Choosing Between Property Refurbishments and New Builds

Deciding between building a new home and undertaking property refurbishments is never an easy choice. Overall, you want what is best for you and our builders in Wittering are here to help with whichever you choose. There are so many opportunities with each option and you will always receive professional building work with Arundel & South Downs Renovations Ltd as we strive to ensure your new build or property extensions go according to your specifications. Furthermore, if you are considering listed building renovations, we can help you throughout the processes, following all regulations as this is one of our strengths as a team.


We have a list of points that you should consider to help you make the right decision before moving forward:



When considering a new build or home improvements in Wittering, space is always a factor. Finding the right plot of land for your building work which fits with your plans and is accessible for the builders can be a challenge. The benefit with a new build is that you have the space not only inside, but also outside, for a garden or any other plans you may have.


With property refurbishments, the space you have is generally the space you get.




Budgeting is essential for all construction projects, from new builds to property extensions. It’s important to keep in mind that a new build will be more expensive than an extension or refurbishment. When putting your budget together, you should include all aspects from planning to conclusion and set aside a portion for unforeseen events.


A benefit of extensions and refurbishments is that you have the option to go room by room and work with smaller budgets at any given time. One important note to make is that listed building renovations tend to be more expensive due to the specialist building materials and specific tradesmen required.




A huge advantage of property refurbishments is that connections to electricity, water, drainage and sometimes gas are all established. With a new build, the site will need access to a mains connection or sewer for utilities to run. In rural areas of Wittering, our builders might need to make provisions for cesspits, septic tanks or sewage treatment plants.


This is something our team can advise on.




With property extensions, refurbishments and new builds, you will have to commit time and patience. However, we always aim to be efficient, and ensure our work meets the highest standards. With this in mind, it is important to consider the timeframe of your project and where you will live throughout building work.


Furthermore, when it comes to listed building renovations, you should account for extra time it may take to gain relevant planning approval. As specialists in listed buildings, our builders are happy to provide planning advice, if you require.



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